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You know that old saying, “If you’re not doing anything, you’re probably doing it wrong”? Well in the case of the Acciones Fiverr, that’s pretty much true. There are two kinds of clients we have here at this site: the ones who are busy or the ones who need something. We do both.

The first kind of client we have is the busy one. There are a lot of distractions out there (busy work, too much to-do) and the only thing they seem to be getting done is posting more ads on their blog. The problem is this kind of activity doesn’t really drive them and they end up wasting most of their time online. The second kind of client we have is the one who really wants to get something done.

The client we have is the one who wants to get something done. The problems come from the fact that it is not always on a priority and that there is never enough time. We don’t have an online presence so we have our priorities the same as a busy client.

The way we look at this is that most clients and prospects have the same priority as us. We have to hit deadlines, but we don’t have the luxury to wait for a client to get things done. We have to do everything ourselves, all the time and that means time is wasted. The other problem we have is that in an online world, people can find out what we are doing and just go on and on doing it.

We are a team that consists of three people, two developers and a designer. We started in 2010 with a very good idea: To create an online platform for artists, designers, developers, and engineers to share their knowledge, get advice, and work together. We have been growing and doing really well ever since. We have our main office in the USA, but we have offices in Barcelona, Spain, and London, England. All our work is done in the U.S.

We’re aiming to be a team that has more time for us in the next few months than we have in the last two years, so we will keep working on that.

We have a very broad and diverse group: from designers to developers to engineers, from graphic designers to industrial designers, from graphic artists to musicians, from writers to musicians, and so forth. We are not an open shop. We have a very specific set of skills, and we are all very passionate about what we do. The goal is to make one of our own open shop. In the meantime, the more we can get in touch with each other and share our knowledge, the better.

We are also very open to any suggestions or offers of help. If you would like to contribute to our website, it can be found at

If you like to read about what I’m going to do, check out “The New Game” by David McQuaid.

We are not an open shop. We are a closed shop.

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