drippy cartoon characters

I love cartoon characters. I get that cartoons are meant to be funny. I get that they are supposed to entertain, but I also get that they’re meant to be something that we’re all supposed to get excited about. Which is why I love the idea of drippy cartoon characters.

Drippy cartoon characters are those whose lives revolve around the fact that theyre drippy and stupid. This doesn’t mean that theyre stupid, theyre just dumb. I just like the way that little things that are stupid all somehow connect to each other.

My favorite example of this is the character who lives at the end of the day and can’t see things from other viewpoints, Shoe. He’s always trying to get the other characters to follow him, and I love that because Shoe doesn’t seem so much stupid as he’s just a character who is so far ahead of everyone else that theyll have to follow him if they want to live.

That guy is Shoe.

It’s just a little bit of a running gag in the game. At the start of the game, Shoe, who is the leader of the party, sends a group of characters to collect some food and then to go to the bathroom. But the characters just dont go and when they come back the door is locked. Shoe gets pissed off because theyre never coming back.

So Shoe decides to go to the bathroom and opens the door. He looks in and sees that the door is locked. Then Shoe decides to make a joke and says, “I’m Shoe, the leader of the party. I’m locked in the bathroom.” But then Shoe is forced to go back to the bathroom. In the end, Shoe is locked in the bathroom for a while. Shoe is shown to be a very stupid character.

So after all that Shoe shows up in another room and is asked if he knows where his friends are. He says “No, but I think Im at the door”. And then he is asked if he knows what happens to the lock. He says, “Just go to the door. Its a test”. Shoe then is shown to be more stupid than he looks.

This is a reference to the famous line from the classic movie ‘The Little Prince’ that goes like this: “Papa, I want to go to the bathroom.” Shoe thinks he wants to go to the bathroom, but he really wants to go to the bathroom because he’s just been locked in a bathroom for a while. Again, this is a reference to the classic movie, which also has this line.

Shoe is a reference to the film, which is a reference to the character. This is a reference to the movie, but it’s a reference to the cartoon. This is a reference to the cartoon, but it’s a reference to the film.

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