sad rap lyrics


A.U.T. is a rap artist from South Africa who has gained a considerable following among his peers in the rap community. He is a member of the rap collective A.U.R.T.

A.U.T.A.U.T.’s raps are a mix of South African hip hop and rap, with an emphasis on his strong Afrikaans accent. These lyrics might not be as sophisticated as other artists of his type, but they still sound pretty damn good.

A.U.T.A.T.A.T.s rap is all about being in the moment, enjoying life, and doing your best to not lose yourself in the mundane. A.U.T.A.T.s rap is great for keeping us from thinking too hard about the things we should be doing right now, so we can enjoy life more.

A.U.T.A.T.s raps are one of those genres that could easily be described as “bored-making,” which is a great way to get yourself back into the action and get back into the routine. They’re meant to be an entertainment, not a serious artistic endeavor. A.U.T.A.T.s raps are often very funny, and are often very catchy.

A.U.T.A.T.s raps are a genre that we love to get lost in because they are so different from anything else. We are also very drawn to rap music because it has been the genre that has really revolutionized the way we view and express ourselves. For a long time, we were very afraid of expressing ourselves in the way other people were able to, because it was seen as a little weird.

I’m not sure if it has always been a genre that has been seen as weird, but there has definitely been a time in our history when it was the only thing that people thought was cool. It used to be that if you wanted to have a good time and express yourself in a way that some other people considered weird, you just had to go to the club or the record store.

For a long time there was a fear that if you were to try to do something that other people would find weird, you would be labeled as weird. Today, it’s no longer true. With the rise of social media and the ease with which we can find anyone and everyone online who has something to say, we’re not only expressing ourselves, but we’re expressing what we think is a little odd.

For the record, I’ve been called that a few times, including by some of the most famous people I’ve ever met. I think I’m a little more like a rapper than a rapper like a rapper, though. I like to talk about things and be the center of attention, but I don’t necessarily talk about things that people would consider weird.

This is a good thing. The sad rap lyrics are a great way to express yourself in a very hip way. I dont think its a bad thing if something is sad, but I do think it should be used in a positive way. The sad rap lyrics are not a way to make fun of someone, or to make fun of yourself. Its a way to express sadness in a way that is more honest than other sad music.

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